Open Positions

PhD studentship (EU/UK) available

We have a 3-yrs PhD studentship open to EU and UK applicants. The specific project for this position is being developed, but in general we are looking for candidate with a strong motivation to undertake independent research and a background in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, or computer science. Candidates with cross disciplinary backgrounds and experiences are particularly encouraged to apply. For specific questions, please get in touch directly with Prof. Soyer.

PhD Studentships through Warwick CDT programs

We are part of several Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT), through which we offer specific projects:
1. CDT in synthetic biology, SynBioCDT. For this program, no specific projects are advertised externally. Students apply to the program and then select a PhD project at the end of year 1. See program website for general application info.
2. Midland Integrative Biology CDT, MIBTP. This year we are offering the following project under this program; Designing biofunctional materials.
3. Ecology and evolution CDT, CENTA. This year we are offering the following project under this program; Synthetic cyanobacterial mats .

Postdoctoral fellowships

We are actively looking for postdoctoral researchers to join the lab. We are particularly interested in projects that combine applied synthetic biology approaches with our interest in evolutionary systems biology and could support fellowship applications in these directions (see fellowships provided by various sources such as EPSRC, Royal Society, and Wellcome Trust). To discuss please get in touch with Orkun Soyer with a CV and cover letter detailing your interests: