Compound / Reaction Path Search

This tool searchs for all paths between two compounds. You will need the Rhea / CHEBI ID's of both the source and target compounds to complete the search. If you don't know the compound ID try entering part of the name and the search will try to find or suggest compounds with similar names.
The resulting paths are shown below as metabolite names seperated by the RHEA IDs of possible reactions that can achieve the conversion among the metabolites involved. Thus there is a number of "unique paths" that resulting from the usage of these possible reactions. The number of unique paths encompassed by each path is shown in parantheses. The paths are ranked by the deltaG of the best unique path.
Try an example search, L-arginine to L-citrulline. Type either "L-arginine" or "32682" (the compound's CHEBI ID) into the "Source Rhea ID" text field. Next enter either "L-citrulline" or "57743" into the "Target Rhea ID" text field. Now click "Find Paths". The page will take a few seconds or minutes to refresh. When the page reloads the results will be listed below the input fields. To change the lenght of the search, try adjusting the "Maximum number of compounds..." field or "Similarity Threshold".
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