July 2018: sLola @ ADBA 2018
The AD Network have a stand at the Innovation Hub during The UK AD and World Biogas Expo on 11-12 July at the NEC, Birmingham. The stand will feature the sLola video (link) and a couple of posters detailing our current research.
June 2018: sLola visit INRA-LBE at Narbonne
The sLola team travelled to Narbonne (France) this month to attend the workshop 'Bridging theory and practice in ecological engineering' which was organised by Kim Milferstedt and Jerome Hamelin of INRA-LBE Narbonne with participants from France, UK, Ireland, Glasgow and South Korea. Thank you to our hosts for organising a superb meeting, which looks set to be repeated in the future! Click here for event photos.
January 2018: sLola Film shoot
We were delighted to work with Conal Reid from Tinderflint Productions this month to make a short film about the sLola project. Filming took place at Warwick, Exeter, Newcastle and Imperial in order to capture the work being done on AD minimal communities, community mixing and evolution, cold-adapted communities and reactor design. You can see the finished video here .

Prof. Orkun Soyer being interviewed about his work on minimal communities
February 2017: Research exchange workshop with SIAM
Many of the sLola group travelled to Nijmegen, in the Netherlands, for a research exchange workshop with members of the SIAM (The Soehngen Institute of Anaerobic Microbiology) research program, hosted by Prof. Mike Jetten. The two days of activities included scientific talks, posters, lab tour, pub quiz! and round table discussions on 'natural vs sythetic communities', 'new techniques' and 'future collaborations'. Thank you to our hosts for organising this fantastic event.

Everyone say cheese!
December 2016: Website now live for BBSRC project Tracking Functional Microbiomes of The UKs Anaerobic Digestion Reactors
At anaerodynamics.com you can find out about this new BBSRC funded project which looks at the link between microbial community health and reactor performance. Genetic- and meta-datasets will be made publically available through the website, providing an unbiased and transparent source of information on the performance of AD reactors in real time, which we hope will help to enhance and expand this technology in the UK.
September 2016: Tracking Functional Microbiomes of The UKs Anaerobic Digestion Reactors
Our sister project, funded by BBSRC, has now started, with 16 UK AD reactors taking part. We will collect weekly both sequencing and metadata, which will be made publicly available through a dedicated website - a link for this will be posted here as soon as it is ready!
February 2016: Registration now OPEN
Hosted by this sLola project and supported by the AD Network
June 2015: The best platform presentation at the AD Network ECR event was won by our very own PDRA, Dr Grosskopf, well done Tobi!
Tobi receiving his prize from Professor Charles Banks, who leads the AD Network. The event was a great success with plenty of positive feedback. We look forward to attending next year!
February 2015: Calling all Early Career Researchers
The AD Network are holding their first ECR event at Warwick University 29-30 June 2015. To find out how to secure your place at this exclusive event, click here.

January 2015: New BBSRC sLola call
The latest BBSRC strategic Longer and Larger Grants (sLola) priority area is close to our hearts: 'Understanding complex microbial communities'. Outline proposal deadline is 14 April 2015. For more information, please visit the BBSRC's funding webpage.

Video describing our research on microbial communities
This is a nice, 3-minute video explaining our research on microbial communities. The video is directed by Conal Reid and acted/implemented by Henry, Tobias and Kalesh. video link
June 2014. Visit to INRA-LBE
Many of the sLola group travelled to Narbonne, south France, to visit like-minded researchers at INRA-LBE for a two-day workshop. Research activities were presented and ideas discussed; the PhD students benefited from a tutorial session on the Fingerprint technique SSCP, and avenues were explored for future collaborations. Thank you to our hosts for organising a fantastic meeting, we hope to reciprocate next year!
Isaac Newton Research Programme - Summer/Autumn 2014 - Registration Open
Check out the workshops taking place at the Isaac Newton Institute this Summer/Autumn on the topic 'understanding microbial communities'. Hosting well over 60 scientists over the 4-months, the research program will feature several public talks, three 3-day workshops, one student training event, and one academia/industry linking event. All aspects of the program will also be open to external participatns. If you are interested to learn more or apply for a place, please visit the program website.
Anaerobic Digestion Network - Now Active (June 2014)
Through our research on this project, "engineering microbial communities for biomethane production", we got to lead development of a research/industry network on anaerobic digestion. Funded by the BBSRC, this network is now active and will be helping to develop the research on anaerobic digestion and mcirobial communities. In particular, the network will be organising several events and handing out pump prime funding. For more information and to join visit the AD Network
Must see video for cultivation of Anaerobes
Check out this video on You Tube, created by two members of the sLola group, showing our gassing manifold for anaerobic cultivation - Link
A 40M+ investment by BBSRC and EPSRC sees three new synthetic biology centres established
f The three centres will be established in Bristol, Nottingham and Cambridge/Norwich and will focus on biologically-based products, greener molecules and fuels and development of tools for plant synthetic biology, respectively. More information on this announcement can be found here
Are you looking for AD project funding?
Take a look at the Anaerobic Digestion Official Information Portal to find up-to-date information on funding anaerobic digestion projects.
September 2013: UK gearing up for AD!
The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee have launched an inquiry into waste and the bioeconomy. Read all about it here.
11 September 2013: Project in full swing as the first all group meeting takes place
Warwick were delighted to host this first project meeting, with project members from Exeter, Newcastle, Warwick, Imperial, TGAC and Anaerobic Analytics Ltd. in attendance. It was exciting to hear about the work already progressing on the project in the Buckling, Dolfing and Soyer groups and to have exciting and fruitful discussions on the project's next steps.
May 2013. Isaac Newton Institute Research Program on Microbial Communities
Initiated by discussions between key members of the project and expanded to a larger group of organisers, we had recently formulated a 4-months research programme proposal for Isaac Newton Institute (INI) to focus on development of theoretical and experimental approaches for studying microbial communities. The proposal is now approved and the resulting programme on "Understanding Microbial Communities: Function, Structure and Dynamics" will be held over Aug-Dec 2014 at the INI, Cambridge, UK. More details to follow.
April 2013. Project kick starts with sampling expedition
On a windy and rainy day, members of Soyer and Buckling labs took the first microbial community samples from a commercial anaerobic digestion plant and the adjacent slurry bath. The sampling is part of a pilot experiment that will kick start the project. The collected samples are used to seed lab scale reactors and are now being monitored in real time for their methane output.
9 November 2012. The Chancellor George Osborne announces the project!
It was a big excitement for us today as the Chancellor has announced our project along with 5 others in a speech at the Royal Society. The six grants constitute a move by BBSRC towards revolutionising major industries in biotechnology and bioenergy through funding in synthetic biology. You can see the full press release by BBSRC on their web site.