Data and theoretical models generated throughout this project will be made available here and in internationally recognised databases. Please visit again soon.
EvoFBA - Source Code for Simulating Evolution of Constraint Based Models of Cellular Metabolism
This is a MATLAB implementation of the evolutionary and ecological dynamics simulations of growing E.coli populations as presented in "Grosskopf T, et al, BMC Evol Bio, 2016". These simulations involve mimicking growth dynamics of E.coli cells using dynamical constraint-based modeling of cellular metabolism and mimicking ecological dynamics through differential equations describing concentrations of media components. See the associated paper for further details.
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Video describing our research on microbial communities
This is a nice, 3-minute video explaining our research on microbial communities. The video is directed by Conal Reid and acted/implemented by Henry, Tobias and Kalesh.
Cultivation of anaerobes
Watch this video, made by Simone and Henry, to learn how we cultivate anaerobes in the lab