Postdoctoral Position on Engineering of Microbial Signaling
We have a postdoctoral position to develop theoretical or experimental synthetic biology approaches towards understanding and engineering microbial signaling systems. Of particular interest are microbial systems mediating quorum sensing, cellular homeostasis, and stochastic switching. The synthetic engineering of these systems will allow increased understanding of microbial physiology and development of novel biotechnological applications in biocomputing and biosensing. You will required to have a good honours degree and possession of a PhD in relevant discipline along with a strong background in either theoretical or molecular aspects of systems and synthetic biology, or both. You will also be required to have expertise with the fundamental theoretical and experimental tools and approaches in systems and synthetic biology; i.e. expertise in one or many of the following; gene cloning techniques, phospho-transfer experiments, plasmid design, protein expression, quantification methods in cell physiology, general molecular biology approaches, computational modelling using common tools (e.g. MATLAB, R) or computer languages. Experience with time-lapse microscopy, image analysis, and microfluidic techniques would be desirable.
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Postdoctoral positions
We are actively looking for postdoctoral researchers to join the lab. We are particularly interested in projects that combine applied synthetic biology approaches with our interest in evolutionanry systems biology and could support fellowship applications in these directions (see fellowships provided by various sources such as EPSRC, Royal Society, and Wellcome Trust). To discuss please get in touch with Orkun Soyer with a CV and cover letter detailing your interests;